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Lake View Hotel

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[1|7|08 @ 5:34 pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

*Rukia let out a slow and silent yawn, arms reaching up above her head as her feet curled up beneath her in a stretch. A stretch which was abruptly halted by her hands touching what appeared to be a surface. Her eyes opened slowly in confusion and she sat up, bringing her hands up to her face to rub at her eyes in a tired motion. Had she moved in the night? Opening her eyes again she faced almost complete darkness. Only a small and dim light came from near the floor. Frowning she turned slightly and reached out to touch what was now obviously a wall. Her brow furrowed and she moved her hands along the wall to a corner which led to another and then another... with... a door. It was a small space. Probably no more than one by two shaku or less. Stranger still were the blankets and piles of cloth she found herself lying on. Turning she swallowed and ran her fingertips along the inside of the door. Finding the knob she turned. It remained still. The door was... locked... or jammed. Great. She leaned in and pressed her ear against the door but she didn't hear anything on the other side that wasn't too muffled to understand. With a small sigh of frustration she considered her situation. She had no idea where she was or how she got here. The last thing she remembered was the painful ripping sensation of a three-pronged ji pushing through her body as... as... she winced and found a small sob escaping her. Had she freed him? Was this her penatence? Whatever this place was? Reaching up with a lightly shaking hand she felt her chest only to find that she was wearing a simple cotton dress with no apparent tears and that her body didn't hurt in the least. Confusion ran through her. Didn't shinigami disappear into energy when they die? Where was she? Her body started to tremble. Taking in a quick breath she grimaced and shook her head before a small smile graced her face. This was no time to panic in the wake of something which was clearly no longer going on. She had disobeyed Soul Society for a purpose. To help Ichigo save Orihime. Ichigo! Maybe... she closed her eyes and tried to search for him only to come to the conclusion that he was either too far away or there was a strange sort of inhibitor on her abilities. Maybe all the excitement from the battle had worn her out. Either way she had to consider her options carefully. Did she attempt to force her way out or did she remain here and wait for someone to find her. It was probably too dangerous to force her way out, not knowing what lay on the other side. At least waiting in here... in this... what appeared to be a closet... would give her the opportunity to strike if anyone came for her.*

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[1|3|08 @ 12:43 am]

[ mood | anxious ]

*A poor soldier. That's what she was. How had she managed to lose a comrade this early? It was like he'd just suddenly disappeared.. Poof, gone into the fog. After a short search, it was determined that he was no longer nearby, and she had continued on with the other young man.. But still, she had not managed to get them out of the desolate town, nor had she found any help for them.

She glanced at Ishida as they walked along. Would he leave too? Doubting her ability to protect him, maybe he would run along with Allen. She gave a very quiet sigh. She had to stop thinking like this, and find the others.. And also take this young man somewhere safe.*

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[1|2|08 @ 2:44 pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Trudging through Silent Hill was hard enough on ones own. Henry had found that at least with a competent partner you could get so much further. In fact if not for the odd pair of travelers working together neither of them would have made it far enough to the pier. Through the thick fog what looked to be a fortress lay across the stretch of lake loaming over them in an all to sinister fashion. Nowhere was any such place marked on the map. It didn't seem to exist and yet there it was.

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[12|29|07 @ 4:37 am]

[ mood | ;-; STARVING ]

-Somehow, they had managed to get separated. Perhaps it was Allen's unmatched skills at getting lost or maybe it was his curse, but the point was...Now he was lost again. But even though he had lost track of the two traveling companions, he had managed to find a new one, and one he definitely recognized. That traveling companion had nestled itself comfortable within Allen's snow coloured hair, even. Timcanpi had ended up here somehow, even though he had been with Master at the time. But, Allen was appreciative of the golem's company. However, Timcanpi did not bring food.

And Allen was starving. Allen's definition of starving also tended a bit different from most people's. When Allen was a little hungry, he still managed to eat more food that seemed humanly possible. So starving...Well, Allen might just eat his weight in food by that point. But he was wandering through the streets, looking for a restaurant or something. The sounds coming from his stomach sounded more akin to some kind of animal who had been kept in its cage a little longer than it wanted than to a boy who hadn't eaten in a day or so.-

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Luki - 01 [12|26|07 @ 6:59 pm]

"Nokiiiii, where are you, Nokiiiii?"

From a distance, it looked like a giant pink bunny was skipping right in the middle of the shopping center.  That pink bunny wasn't an actual rabbit, but a person who happened to be lost.  Her mismatched eyes kept peeking left and right, scanning the dreary area for her twin sister, Noki, who was nowhere to be found.  This caused the girl much distress since she and her sister are normally together 24/7, and now, she was alone. 

She kept a quivering pout on her face as she started to climb upstairs to the second floor, wondering if Noki was eating spaghetti without her.  Of course, that's impossible!  Luki would never eat without Noki!...But then that means, Noki will get hungry!  And Luki will get hungry as well, since she can't eat without Noki!  The pace she was going at suddenly increased.  Dinner could not be missed.

"Nokiii, Luki is looking for you!  Where are you?"
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[12|26|07 @ 1:27 am]

*A young man sat motionless on a bench in the park. He stared intently at the space next to him on the bench. There sat a carton of milk. This battle of resolve had been going on for several minutes(though in his mind it had been hours), ever since the boy sat down. This milk was taunting him. Was it Strawberry? Chocolate? A gift from god? Bait for some insidious trap?

This could be some Yakuza's milk, and the moment his fingers grazed the cool, papery exterior, a barrage of bullets could leave him bleeding on the ground with his thirst gone unquenched. On the other hand, it could have just been forgotten by some negligent park goer. He could then pick it up and enjoy the delicious beverage with no consequences, assuming they were long gone. Was it worth the risk? Dare he find out?

His hand struck out suddenly, without warning. He grasped the carton and lifted it. He looked to his left, then his right. Nothing. Not a noise, movement or anything similar. Just rolling fog and silence. With a triumphant smile, he held the drink up to see the label.. And his face fell instantly.



*He sighed, hanging his head for a moment. This didn't help at all! Now he was alone in some cloudy park with nothing to keep his blood sugar up! WHAT IF HE FELL OVER DEAD RIGHT HERE?! Whatever. He got to his feet, tucking the milk away into his clothes. He would just head over to the store and trade it for some strawberry. He grinned to himself at this prospect, and headed out to the street.*
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[12|13|07 @ 1:19 am]

Everything was dark and dreary, and there was a voice that kept calling his name. It repeated itself seemingly countless times, but his mind wanted to ignore it. He didn’t even know who it was; just someone trying to shake him out of his comfortable slumber. He tossed his arm over, swatting at the voice that echoed.

‘You have the key,’ it quieted to a whisper and the boy’s eyes slowly made passage. The room filtered into view, and the comfy sheets that had once been keeping him warm, were now strewn about into white clumps. His blurred vision lingered, bringing the room into focus after a few weak eye-rubs. He took in his surroundings one object at a time. There was his bed below him, and as he mentally checked it off, he ran a hand across the soft mattress. He had his pillows, indented by his spiky head that wanted to fall back onto them, and to his right; Complimentary mints.

‘Wait... complimentary mints?’ his mind halted and he sharply spun it to the right. There laid an old, broken bowl of rusted over spearmints. Inside of it, a spider had laid its eggs and was waiting for some helpless fly to find its way towards the once sweet treats. This wasn’t his room, and from the looks of it, anywhere near his island. Next to the porcelain container laid an old looking skeleton key, with many cobwebs connected to and from the desk it was set upon.

“Where… am I?” he quietly asked the air. His blue eyes wandered around the unfamiliar room. They rested on a crooked sign that held the image of a dusty, peaceful looking hotel. He let his feet slide from under the flannel, placing them on a creaky, wooden floor.

‘Welcome to Silent Hill,’ the picture stated in bold, red letters.
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[12|9|07 @ 12:26 pm]

Izumi had learned one thing at least. As...completely unlikable as his human form was, becoming a Shinigami in this place was infinitely more troublesome. So he might as well keep the more solid and visible form for now and only change if needed. It was troublesome and only convinced Izumi more that the Boss was trying to kill him, but...Well, what could he do? He doubted whether there was even a child's soul here to reap at all, so his job had turned into an escape and survival mission, in a sense.

But walking had, by chance led him back to the hotel on the misty lake's shores. He stared up at the dilapidated building and wrinkled his nose in disgust. It looked like something out of a badly written horror movie, didn't it? But Izumi had no interest in going inside, even though he knew people were in there. So he merely came to the courtyard and looked into the murky water of the fountain before looking back out to the lake with a displeased frown. What a shitty place to disappear.

((ooc: Since that other thread never got finished and other ones, so I guess this applies to those as well :/, I'm going to assume he made it away safely. Because I'm not going to wait forever~~))
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[12|3|07 @ 9:09 pm]

Kei had decided, after his previous wanderings, that there was very little that could make him go outside. He did not, quite honestly, care anymore about what there might be out there; if there was a way back home out there, then yes, he would leave the relatively safe confines of this hotel and go to said way out, but he would not leave the hotel a moment sooner. That was, of course, unless those things found their way into the hotel. He’d leave then. But that was, quite honestly, a completely different story, one he didn’t even want to contemplate for the time being.

He’d debated whether he wanted to stay in the restaurant or the bar – there were advantages and disadvantages to both rooms, particularly if one of those monster things managed to find their way into the hotel. However, he’d settled on the bar – it was comfier, he decided, and much more out the way; for the time being, he wasn’t overly fond of the idea of company unless it so happened to be someone he was friends with, which, given the situation, was unlikely to happen (and no matter how he might feel, he really didn’t want to wish that on any of his friends). The thought of Ryuzo being in this situation did succeed in bringing a small smile to his face as he recollected his friends words; ‘there’s only so much experience a novelist needs’, and then his subsequent inability to hold true to those words as he succumbed to his hunger.

He glanced down at the rough sketch in front of him; it was drawn on poor paper with a pencil just as bad, but it was something at least, and he could refine it. It wasn’t as if any of them were going to see it, anyway. Drawing wasn’t quite the same as painting; he just loved the way, with paints, that the colours could be combined, the way that they were able to express so much, even with a limited palette. If you chose the right colours, you could portray almost anything.

Tilting his head to one side, he held the drawing away from him, studying it for a few moments, before placing it back down. Glancing over towards the bar, he wondered whether any of the drinks were safe to drink; even water would have been fine (but he had a vague feeling that water, out of all of it, would be the least safe to drink, particularly if it was still and had be stagnant for an extended amount of time). Attention drifting away from his surroundings, Kei began thinking about nothing in particular, tapping the pencil against the worn wooden surface disguised as a table. He wondered, really, just how long he’d honestly be able to cut it here. It wasn’t like he’d been doing well in Tokyo, even surrounded by his friends. If he hadn’t managed to cope there, what chance did he have here? At least, he supposed, there didn’t seem much chance of him happening upon beautiful women in parks, or getting proposed to by others who turned out to be mentally unstable. Perhaps, in that way, he’d be better off here.

Besides, of course, the whole ‘monster’ thing.
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[12|3|07 @ 1:00 am]


That smell.  It was the first thing he noticed, making his nose curl slightly in digust.  It was the first warning that something was not right.  It was a curious assortment of scents, and though his senses were not as keen as those of Zexion's, it was still obvious.  Rust, blood, mingled with a hint of mold...  As far as he was concerned, he had only been sleeping (or rather, feigning sleep) for a short period, not long enough for his quarters in Castle Oblivion to reach this degree.

Eyes snapping open, they rolled to either side of his head to examine his surroundings.  His peripherial vision was enough to tell him that, true to his first instinct, he was not where he should have been.  Presently, he had been laying in some crude form of a bed in what appeared to be a cell of sorts.  Flat on his back, arms at his side, he was sure he wouldn't have been knocked out and transferred here to be placed in such a peaceful position.  Waking up in such a good condition, both physically and mentally, it was too coincidental.  Reaching a hand up to press the beds of his fingertips lightly against his face, there were no noticeable blemishes or lacerations, which helped him to determine there had been no struggle.

Sitting up slowly, his eyes narrowed slightly at his surroundings.  A rusty cell is what he found himself currently positioned in.  Smoothly, he slung his feet to the side of the bed and pushed himself up hesitantly.  Mostly, it was annoyance and curiousity that plagued him as he stepped towards the door, looking out carefully for a moment before bringing a gloved hand up to rest against one of the bars, pushing slowly.  Suprised and somewhat relieved, he found it unlocked, and it started to creak open slowly under the force he applied.  Try as he might, however, the rusty hinges would not stay silent. 

The most unnerving part was that while the visual and olfactory senses had been stimulated, his hearing senses lie dormant.  Surely if he had been brought here by someone, there would be a guard, or something.  The silence simply made him more cautious, straining his ears further to listen for any hint of activity.  It could be a trap, or an ambush, and he was not prepared to set the alarm off so quickly.

Finally, the door was pushed open, and he stuck his head out slowly, cocking it first to one side and then the other, lips tightening with the tension.  Nothing to either side.  Setting one foot forwards, he stepped out into the silent hallway, deciding to head to the left.  They didn't call him the Graceful Assassin for nothing, as his footsteps came lightly, no echo to follow them as he made his path forward into the unknown, keeping his senses alert for an indication of an ambush.

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.// [11|28|07 @ 4:38 pm]

When vengeance is dealt, two graves are dug, and the sound of a bell rings.

Ai opened her eyes right after she heard the high-pitched sound of the bell. She must have fallen asleep after ferrying another person to hell. She didn't really get tired, but sometimes, it was just exasperating doing things like that. She got up slowly, fixing her long black hair by running some strands on the bridge of her ear to prevent her hair from blocking her view.

Where was the water? The ferry? The lanterns?

She wasn't aware of her current location, although she knew that she wasn't in her Sunset World anymore. She got up from her lying position and just sat on the sofa of what seemed like a lobby of a hotel.

Wherever she was, she had no idea.
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[11|26|07 @ 8:17 pm]

A long and sharp gasp cut the silence around him. The thin tall body fell back on the pavement from a pit in which he had almost fallen to his death; He couldn't quite say it was a bottomless pit with certainty, but he was not going to try and test that theory. And just exactly where was this, and how did it come to be? His mind didn't think on that quite yet. For now a few coughs emitted, and long slender fingers rose to his racing heart. Just one second ago he was standing out in the rain and you could tell by his attire. The large white shirt and faded blue jeans were drenched in water. Messy black locks dripping wet; droplets still running down smooth pale skin. He could still hear the rain like static ringing through his ears, and the bells. The bells. He knew what they were saying, and the last thing his eyes saw before fading away like he was just an illusion. Did it happen and he simply didn't remember? No. That wouldn't explain why he was sitting in what looked to be a food court. Nice as that might have been; afterlife and an abundance of food. The hole in the ground was unwelcoming. It wasn't likely. A sweet shop, a bar, toys. This looked to be a theme park. With no one around and an almost blinding fog. A dream? No. No dreams felt this real even if he'd had a few he could have sworn were, or was it?

The air was bitter. Stale. Cold. He released a cool breath. Think, and rationalize. The only reasonable explanation he could deduct at this moment was: he was knocked unconscious and brought here. Somehow without his knowledge. A sharp shooter, and tranquillizer. He felt no after effects. Some anaesthetics were extremely well made however. A low percentage in the probability range, but probable none the less. For whatever reason the fact remained that he was here. It was far fetched. Especially after his deduction of what would come on that day. Kira, Light, would kill him that day. It was his dying day. This didn't fit the pattern, and other enemies had no knowledge of his face. It seemed highly unlikely, but it was the only quick conclusion he could conjure right now. It was better that the other consideration in which he was dead.

Bare feet curled into a few loose pebbles of the pavement. The slender male leaned back a smudge on his other hand as the one by his heart soon dropped to his lap. Breathe. Cellphone. Cellphone, he disliked cellphones but he had one for contact. Mainly for notification on whether his plan was a green light or not. He shifted than and reached into his pocket. Delicately holding it between few fingers. No reception just... static. There is something there. The palm of his hand pivoted; the sound of metal caught his ears in this movement and he jerked his head back. Phone closing as it dropped in his lap. Thump.

A key.

Large sleep deprived eyes widened intensely. He leaned down to pick it up from the top. The square edge caught between the middle finger and the thumb.


A hint. A clue. A.. game?

The man looked utterly blank at that moment, even if he were far from. Memories gathered in his mind. Flashes of pictures of symbolic events that might say... This was not Kira's doing. No. This might have been something older, or new. How? His face had never been exposed until now, until the task force and even than.. Had Kira somehow gained information on his enemies? Light.. Would he..? Dread filled him at that thought. No, he was clearly making too many assumptions right now. This was not Kira, he would not put this in the responsibility of Kira. That was a very low percentage of probability. That was the only given fact of 'Who'. Knocked unconscious and brought to an unknown territory. Highly likely to have been abandoned or closed down. Left somewhere with no hint or sign of anyone else, just a key. It was seeming so that this, was a game.

Slowly L stood. He could be anywhere. First thing was first. Find out where he was. Wide coal hues looked up through dripping black tresses. Fine than, he would play this game. What other choice did he have at this moment?

[Foor court-ish area type thing in the amusement park. Static apparently means monsters. Gasp!]
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((Guh, couldn't resist. D:)) [11|25|07 @ 12:27 am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

. . . . . . . . .

*Unconscious. He'd been unconscious. And what was it that woke him? Something dripping.. Dripping onto the back of his head. He jolted to full consciousness, and looked around. He was slumped against the wall in a dark corridor. It was dirty, it smelled horrible, and the walls seemed to be leaking. He climbed to his feet quickly and stumbled away from the dripping, rubbing the back of his head.*

Shit, gross...

*He wiped his hand on his pants with a grimace, staring up at the drip for a moment. Rain water? Was it really raining? And just why was he here anyway? Hadn't they been leaving.. How did he get into some abandoned old apartment building? He glanced down. He was in his own body at least, and tugging his shirt up slightly revealed that he still had his license-thing-whatever with him. So it could have been worse, he supposed. The scurrying sound OF GIANT DISGUSTING BUGS farther down the hall was slightly unsettling. Rats? Must be. They'd probably leave him alone if he ignored them, so he decided he would and started down the hall, looking for the door out of there.*

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Intro post~ [11|24|07 @ 6:35 pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Now the middle of Winter, Zora's Domain was all but completely frozen over as it had been the first time Link had come there, and the chill from the entrance to Snowpeak was even colder than he initially remembered it. He'd come to investigate reports of monsters atop the mountain causing dangerous avalanches. Several families from the region were taking refuge with others living on Lake Hylia, and even Yeto and Yeta had been forced to leave their home because of the danger. Link's heart went out to them all -- He knew how awful it was to have to leave your home, how vulnerable one felt even when there were kind people to help you. Knowing the plight of these people, Link's footsteps fell sure as he made his way to the entrance of Snowpeak. Whatever he would have to face, he would face it, for the sake of everyone who was counting on him.

As always, though, he knew the task ahead of him would not be easy. In fact, he knew it right away, as he stepped just outside of the cave. The fog blinded him entirely, and his chest filled with disappointment. There was no way he could proceed, at least not yet. He turned, deciding immediately that he would first search for a way to get around the fog before even telling the people that he couldn't get through, but then stopped abruptly. What had just three seconds ago been the mouth of the cave leading from Snowpeak to Zora's Domain was now a dead end, leading to nothing but a seemingly unending chasm filled with the thick, blinding fog. The cliff he stood on was now a black concrete road, destroyed at the spot that led to the chasm that now trapped him. He turned again, and before him was a town of dead grey. No people. The structures were all obviously in a state of disuse. Some of them even had blood spattered and dragged across them.

He shivered violently, his eyes narrowing. The place reeked of death and evil. "What manner of sorcery..." He seethed quietly to himself, looking around him again just to make sure he was really seeing it. Even then it took him a few seconds more to accept it. But he did, and resolve joined him easily after that. The landscape had changed, but one thing was certain -- If there was anyone here, they must need help, and so far he'd learned to trust fate when it brought him where he was needed. So he started off on his new journey, one careful foot at a time, through the cursed streets of Silent Hill.

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[11|24|07 @ 7:25 pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

-This assignment seemed strange to Izumi. The Boss had good reason to send him away from Miki, Tak-kun, and Me-chan, but still, this place was unusual, no matter how he thought of it. The fog here was so thick that it was almost impossible to see farther than several feet, and there was no one around. Was it really true that there were souls to collect here? It was abandoned.

Izumi shook his head and flew down from the top of the building to land on the asphalt. As soon as he touched the ground, the wings and ears disappeared as he stared straight ahead. If he was here to find a child, then it would be easier like this for now.-


-Izumi frowned and started walking, already frustrated with this assignment. Not even Jonathan could accompany him. It was strange, but what could Izumi do? A job from the Boss was a job that couldn’t be refused.-

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[11|23|07 @ 12:23 am]

*Hiruma quirked a brow as he made his way inside the building. It was dim... if not dark inside. He reached into his bag and whipped out a lighter which illuminated enough around him to walk straight. He saw rusted pipes as well as prison cells. The quarter back frowned at the interior, his sharp eyes looking at every nook and cranny as he walked through the dark hall.*

Kekeke, I'd hate to be anyone who wound up here. This place looks like shit.
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[11|22|07 @ 8:38 am]

< The skies were nowhere as great as those back in Drakan. They were perhaps a little less foggy than the ground, but it was still hard to see - even with the precision of his extremely sharp eyesight. Yet even in this fog, Arokh had already spotted a few, moving beings. He hadn't been interested in approaching or introducing himself, yet, but the growing anxiety in the pit of his stomach told him that the place was nowhere near safe, and cooperation would eventually be needed in order to survive the obstacles he was to face. Especially if Navaros was around.

The great reptile pulled his large wings close to his muscular body in order to dive down to the town in a hazardous speed. He managed to maneuver backwards by backwinging heavily in order to not crash with the ground, wings meeting no resistance at all; there was no wind to stop his movements. Even so, it wasn't easy to land in those narrow passages, filled with trash and metal-boxes on wheels. As soon as he had managed to successfully land on the concrete, he shook his head and pulled his wings to him, immediately letting his crimson gaze wander over the area.

From there, he began moving again. The heavy steps was enough to make the ground beneath shake just barely, creating a rumbling sound that could remind one slightly of thunder.

The noise was nowhere near the growl that followed: it was a terrifying roar, enough to coax even the most hard-skinned people into fear. The perfect announcement of his arrival. >
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[11|21|07 @ 8:29 pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

-He would have taken a tomb full of traps a thousand times worse than the Pharaoh's over this place. The fog made it difficult to see- he'd never encountered smoke this thick before- and the only good landmark he could find was the edge of the lake, and he'd been walking around that for half an hour. Some of the buildings had signs on them, but the writing on them was unintelligible- complete gibberish.

It wasn't as though he'd ever been taught to read Hieroglyphs particularly well- but at least he knew the general meaning of those. These symbols didn't seem to have any logic to them, and he'd tried in vain to work out what they mean, as a result of which he was more frustrated than ever.

Worse than that was the unrelenting quiet. It made the whole place feel like the inside of a pyramid, dark and stifling- only here, he didn't even have a torch to light the way. The thief hissed between his teeth. He was cold, confused, and tired of wandering around in the dark. He hadn't attempted to break into any of the houses yet- they gave him a bad feeling, as indeed the whole place did- but now he stalked towards one, drawing a knife, annoyed enough to try it in spite of his doubts.-

What is this place?

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[11|21|07 @ 6:51 pm]

*The small blue furry mieu waddled around the resturant within the hotel of silent hill. With his ears drooped, the sad pitiful creature clung at the large ring around his waist. He was lost and alone and his master was no where to be seen! No Tear, no Anise, no Jade... No one!*

Mieu.... Master? W-Where did you goooo?!!
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[11|20|07 @ 8:56 pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

*Ridiculous. That's what the entire situation was. Pellegri stood in the bar on the first basement floor of the hotel, staring at what was once a green notice to meet in the kitchen... But it had been written over in a bolder red.*


*She sighed. She had no idea how she had come to be in this disgusting building, but now she was worried. For her former commander, and to a lesser extent, for her new "friends". Whatever had happened, she could almost be sure of one thing. It was Jin's fault.

She took another look around the dirty bar. Why had the messenger rewritten the message? And why the basement of all places.. Why even the kitchen(which she was standing just outside of, unbeknownst to her)? Well, despite the method, and the place.. Pellegri definitely wanted to meet someone else. At least to find out what the Hell was going on.*

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